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Guess Where in Italy? Part 13

Can You Guess Where this Footprint can be Found in Italy?

For a little bewitching fun this Befana day in Italy, here’s a Guess Where in Italy post – the thirteenth in the series.

This is not an easy one, well, I don’t think it is that easy, but knowing the bright sparks there are out there, I’m fairly sure someone will guess where this footprint can be found in Italy.

To earn yourselves a few extra brownie points, you can even say where this footprint leads.

You have until Saturday to guess via a comment, but if the location in Italy of this footprint has not been guessed by then, I’ll add a clue to help you, and will keeping adding clues until someone is able to guess where the footprint can be found.

Update: 8th January, 2011

Nobody has got this yet, so here is a clue which should help you.

This has been guessed – read on to find out where the footprint can be found.

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Saturday clue: The footprint is one of many which lead to a museum.

Here’s the footprint in question:

Where Can this Footprint be Found in Italy?

Leave a comment if you think you know where it is, and what it leads to.

Can You Guess Where this Footprint can be Found in Italy?
Can You Guess Where this Footprint can be Found in Italy?

There are no rules, as such, you can guess as many times as you like via a comment. And there is no prize – this is just for fun.

If there are any companies out there, preferably dealing in Italian products or travel services out there which would like to offer prizes or sponsorship for future Guess Where in Italy posts, then drop me a line here: Contact BlogfromItaly.com

Let the guessing begin! Good luck and Happy Befana!

The Answer

The correct answer has been given by Barry Frangipane: the footprint is part of a series which lead towards Venice’s natural history museum in the Fondago dei Turchi building which sits on Venice’s Grand Canal.

Well done Barry!

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