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Guess Where in Italy? – Part 11

Guess where this place is in Italy -both the name and the location – and get an Amazon Gift Voucher or an upgrade to a Yahoo Flickr Pro account.

Yes, the first person to place the correct answer in a comment, will receive a €25 giveaway (c. $34 USD and just shy of £22 UKP, as at today’s exchange rates) Amazon Gift Voucher, a one year subscription to Flickr Pro or can ask for the money to be donated to a favourite charity.

Last week’s photograph was of Vernazza, which is one of the delightful Cinque Terre in Liguria, as correctly guessed by Candi.  Well done Candi!

OK, onto this week’s photograph. No Italians please (Niente Italiani per favore – è troppo facile per voi!).

Ready, steady, click!

Guess the Name of the Building and Say Where it can be found in Italy.

A Valentine’s day clue:  The place in the photo can be found in a northern region of Italy. The ‘foot mount’ region.

Where is this in Italy?
Where is this in Italy?
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

This Guess Where in Italy seems to have flummoxed everybody, so, here is a bigger image to help you a little more:

Guess Where this is in Italy
Guess Where this is in Italy - Clue: It is in Piedmont


The first correct answer via a comment will receive the giveaway. (Please note that comments made by newcomers to Blog from Italy are checked before they become published.)  It is possible that the first correct answer which is visible may not be the real first correct answer – which might have gone into the comment checking system.

Do not leave very short answers, as they may go into the junk mail bin, and might never be found again.

Once someone has been identified as having left the correct answer, they can select the item they would prefer.  The item, or its details, will then be forwarded, if necessary, via email – so a valid email address is needed too (Email addresses will not be sold or passed on to third parties).

My decision is final – Alex Roe.

Good luck!

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