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Guess Where in Italy? – Part 10

This week’s Guess Where in Italy? photo quiz on BlogfromItaly.com features a photo courtesy of @pixiebisous, whose colourful image caught my little eye when she posted it on Twitter.

Ninja obsessed Italophile @pixiebisous thinks that people, especially Italians, will find it easy to guess which picture postcard Italian seaside village has been immortalised in her photograph.

Now, although I have some idea as to where the place in the photo is in Italy, I’m not 100% sure.  All I know is that I have not been there, but after having seen the photograph, I’d quite like to.

Over to you dear readers: Can you guess where in Italy this seaside village is? And what its name is?

Just one little favour. As this should be easy for Italians, can you please wait until Sunday before guessing?

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Guess Where in Italy this Scenic Seaside Village Can Be Found?

Guess Where this seaside place is in Italy.
Guess Where this seaside place is in Italy.

Try to name of the place in the photograph.

With thanks to @pixiebisous’ boyfriend, Dennis, for letting me use his photo.

Give Away Next Week

This quiz is just for fun, although next week, the first person who gets the correct answer will receive a €25 (c. $34 USD and just shy of £22 UKP, as at today’s exchange rates) Amazon Gift Voucher, or a one year subscription to Flickr Pro.

The Answer to Last Week’s Guess Where in Italy? Quiz

Last week’s Guess Where in Italy Photograph was of the Italian city of Mantua – Guess Where in Italy? – Part 9. And Italy expert Nora of Enchanting Italy guessed correctly.  Well done Nora!

I’ll be writing more about this intriguing Italian city soon.  If you follow @newsfromitaly on Twitter, you’ll find out when the Mantua post is published.

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