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Can You Guess Where this is in Italy?

Where's this in italy?

Here are two photographs I took a few years back. If you can tell me where this interesting looking tunnel is – the town in Italy – you’ll get a one year subscription to Italy Chronicles worth $9.99.

UPDATE Monday, 17 March, 2014: Reader Susan Pennington has already guessed the correct location – which is Castellina in Chianti in Tuscany. That was quick!

The photos:

Where's this in italy?
Where’s this in italy?

Another photo. This time of the entrance you can see at the end of the tunnel:

Where's this in italy?
Where’s this in italy? Can you guess?
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The location will be revealed this coming Friday, if nobody has guessed by then.

For now, I’ll give you one little clue – the year the photo was taken was 2010. I’ll add another clue this Wednesday.

Add your guesses via a comment using the email address you’d like to use for your free one-year subscription.

Happy guessing!

P.S. Italy Chronicles has a search system 😉

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