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Good News!

I nearly forgot about this.

The other day, an Italian reader wrote to the E-Polis free newspaper to, in a way, stand up for immigrants in Italy.

This reader had lost his mobile phone, but then, luckily, the police called him to say that it had been handed in to them. When this person asked who had brought the phone to the police, he was told that it was someone of Indian origin.

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Impressed by the honesty the person who found his phone, the owner of the phone decided to write in to the newspaper and tell them about it. The writer also highlighted the fact that it was one of Italy’s currently much maligned immigrants who did the right thing, as if to say ‘Don’t tar everyone with the same brush’.

It’s good to read little stories like this, and to know that reasonable balanced people exist.

Just recalling this story has cheered me up a little.

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