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Good News? What Good News?

After writing recently about plenty of bad things going on in Italy at the moment, today I tried to find something a little less negative to write about.

However, after trawling the ‘Italia’ section of Google News, and having seen headlines referring to knifings, murders, drug dealers, road accidents, and the Pope, I’ve concluded that there isn’t much good news to write about. Even my favourite freebie newspaper, E-Polis Milan, has let me down.

The news is as grim as the weather in Milan at the moment. And just to make me feel a lot better, my son’s school is closed until 2 this afternoon because there is a union meeting going on. This means I am baby sitting, and I imagine that a few other Milanese parents are having problems today. These ‘school strikes’ occur monthly, by the way, and you never find out about them until the very last minute.

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Back to the news. I had a hunt around on the La Repubblica web site, but it all seems to be gloom and doom. Well, at least Corriere della Sera is running a nice little story about a vaccine to help protect those nipped by a tick from Lyme disease. I guess that is good news.

If anyone else has some good news relating to Italy and it is something that does not relate to celebrities or leisure products, then please let me know. I want to be cheered up.

In the meantime, if you too need to be perked up, you could always hop over to the aptly named ‘Good News Blog‘. Or I suppose you could read my ‘Good Italian Things‘ category.

Happy Monday to you all.

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