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Golden Italian Light, Genoa

The second of this Images of Italy series in which I’m featuring photos of places and items which are intrinsically Italian, is devoted to Italian light.

If you are a photographer, then you may have heard of the golden or magic hour.  This is the hour in which the light is soft and warm, and images shot at this time often have an enchanting, almost soothing quality about them.

Actually, the correct expression should perhaps be ‘golden hours’, for there are two:  one in the early morning as the sun wakes from its slumbers, and another in the evening as the sun begins its nightly sojourn.  Lazy photographers, like me, probably stand more of a chance of capturing the evening golden hour, whereas, more enthusiastic early rising photographers can exploit the golden light of the dawn.

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Whichever is your preferred golden hour, you’ll find that the sun in Italy literally casts a golden hue on the country’s often spectacular buildings.  The soft colours of many of Italy’s buildings make a subtle but valid contribution to this glorious effect too, as I hope you will discover from this week’s image.

Golden Light on a Building in Genoa, Italy

Photograph kindly provided by Blog from Italy Contributor: Di Mackey.

Photograph of Golden Light in Genoa, Italy
Golden Light in Genoa, Italy

You can find out more about photographer Di Mackey on the initial Images of Italy post, just click on the link.  If you do so, you will also find out a little more about this series on Blog from Italy.

See this Wikipedia article – Golden hour – to learn more about why photographers find it so enticing.  Then come to Italy and use the Italian version of this rich light to create really memorable images of this incredibly photogenic country.

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