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GolaSeca – Italian Protest Rock

GolaSeca are an Italian rock band from Sardinia which have been in the news in Italy recently because the members of the group are all laid offor ‘precarious’ works from the Alcoa aluminium smelting works which risks closure unless a buyer can be found. So far, alas, this has not happened.

Well, GolaSeca have found an outlet for their collective anger over their uncertain futures – music. More specifically, rock. Personally, having listened to what this band is capable of, the group should have a future in Italy’s music industry – they are good, very good indeed. Will someone give them a recording contract? Hopefully.

Here’s GolaSeca doing their protest rock. The video is excellent too. Budding band and interesting video director too?

I’ve listened to this track a good few times.

La Rogna Dei Re by GolaSeca

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What exactly is a ‘precarious’ worker? Well, in Italy, which has no shortage of ‘precarious’ employees, “precari” is a term used to refer to people with short term work contracts which are often not renewed and rarely if ever become full time, permanent, contracts of employment.

Italy has some 3.5 million such ‘precarious’ employees, many of whom are poorly paid too. It’s no wonder consumer spending in Italy is nosediving. OK, politically motivated grumbling over, this post is about music, even if the musicians do want to draw attention to their precarious state created by the, er, precarious Italian state 😉

By the way, GolaSeca is Dry Throat in English. GolaSeca on Facebook.

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