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Ghosts Near Rome – Lake Nemi

The second of the Ghosts from Italy series is about the ghosts of those who can be found wandering around near the former Temple of Diana on the shore of Lake Nemi, near Rome.

Apparently these unfortunate, and now ghostly, souls challenged the Temple’s guardian, lost and were sacrificed. As a result of this untimely end, the victims of the guardian’s wrath have been haunting the area ever since.

No special permission appears to be necessary to visit the site, and it seems to be accessible all year round. However parts are on private land, so be careful if you decide to take a closer look.

You can find detailed information on the temple, along with some photos, on this site: The Megalithic Portal – Temple of Diana

If you do decide to do a spot of ghost hunting, make sure you take a good torch if you go at night. Actually, it would probably be best to find a local guide – ask at local hotels – because wandering around in the dark is not a wise thing to do when you do not know the area.  If you do brave the dark, you may well end up joining the desolate spirits wandering the area around of the temple!

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By all means hunt ghosts, but do it carefully.

Here is where Lake Nemi is:

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Oh, and there is also a curious story concerning two 70 meter Roman ships which were found in the lake before WW2.  Alas the remains of said ships were destroyed by fire back in 1944, but there is a museum in Nemi dedicated to them.

Lake Nemi is apparently quite beautiful, although I have not been there, so I can’t say if this is true or not. Let me know what you think of it.

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