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Monselice Castle – No Place for Adulterous Women

Haunted Monselice Castle

As part of a series of occasional articles on Italy’s spooky sides, here is something about the ghost of Monselice Castle, a place where adulterous women should fear to tread!

Ghosts have always held something of a fascination for me, so I thought I might be fun to write a little on where to find ghosts and ghouls around Italy.

If you would like to add a hauntingly new dimension to your travels around the Living Museum, then this information can be used for ‘fright seeing’. Of course, if you do happen to meet up with an Italian spook, do let me know. Send me your photos too!

Happy ghost hunting!

Here is a place you might not like to visit late at night, especially if you are an adulterous woman:

Monselice Castle and the Adulterous Lady Ivalda

Haunted Monselice Castle
Haunted Monselice Castle
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In Monselice Castle, near Padua in northern Italy, the bloody specter of Lady Ivalda is said to wander the corridors of this forbidding looking building.

If you are brave enough, why not pay this castle a visit, preferably on a dark and stormy night and see if you can spot this tormented lady who was murdered by her jealous husband after he discovered her adulterous ways?

Here is a map showing the location of Monselice to help you on your ghost hunting way:

[googlemap lat=”45.239529″ lng=”11.7504″ align=”undefined” width=”450px” height=”300px” zoom=”11″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]Italy[/googlemap]

Wander around at night – if you dare, but adulterous women should beware!

For more information, the brave, curious, and non adulterous women should click here: Monselice Castle

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