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Genoa Port Ship Crash Tragedy

Genoa Port Control Tower
The Now Demolished Genoa Port Control Tower

Last night a 40,500 ton container ship crashed into and demolished a shipping control tower in the port of Genoa in northern Italy. The incident left 9 dead and 4 injured. The initial death toll was 3.

The impact of the ship smashed the 55 meter (180 feet) high control tower to smithereens.

30 or so rescuers are sifting though the rubble of the control tower in an attempt to find those missing. At least two of those missing are believed to be under the rubble.

Three other bodies have been found in the wreckage of an elevator. One survivor has been found.

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The cause of the ship crash is not net known, though there are reports that the Jolly Nero container ship’s engines may have failed. Another theory is that tug lines gave way. There’s also talk of the ship having to reverse to avoid a sand bar. It’s not clear why the sand bar was there, nor whether it shoulf have been. The sea was calm at the time of the incident.

A day of mourning has been declared in Genoa. The incident is to be discussed by Italy’s government.

The pilot’s control tower was finished in 1997 and had become one of the port of Genoa’s principal landmarks.

Genoa is the busiest Italian cargo port in terms of tonnage.

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