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Five Photographs of Milan’s Beautiful Buildings by Night

After discovering that Milan’s public transport shut down at 11pm last night owing to the May 1st Labour Day holiday, and finding that the queue for a taxi was rather long, I drifted back home on foot. While a walked, and prayed that the lightning show was not about to bring a downpour, I took a few photographs of Milan’s lovely city centre buildings.

What I love about some of the buildings in Milan’s centre is not just the glorious architecture, but also the clever way in which they are lit. I like photography and the way these buildings are lit makes them highly photogenic, or that’s what I think. Here are five of the photographs I took last night which I then converted into black and white.

You can judge for yourself whether Milan is as photogenic as the fashion models who can often be found on the city’s catwalks.

The Generali Building in Piazza Cordusio
The Generali Building in Piazza Cordusio

Here’s where Reuters has its offices in Milan:

The Reuters Building in Milan
The Reuters Building in Milan

Around the corner from the Reuters’ building is this:

Via Dei Mercanti, Milan, Italy
Via Dei Mercanti, Milan, Italy
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The next two buildings were in Via Giuseppe Mengoni. First this:

Nighttime in Via Giuseppe Mengoni, Milan, Italy
Nighttime in Via Giuseppe Mengoni, Milan, Italy

And to round this photographic post of nighttime Milan off, this other building in Via G Mengoni:

Via Giuseppe Mengoni, Milan, Italy by night
Via Giuseppe Mengoni, Milan, Italy by night

I’d love to hear what you think via a comment and please let me know which one is your favorite too.

For the photographically curious, all these photographs were taken without a tripod using a Fujifilm X100 camera.

So, when are you coming to photograph Milan by night? Soon, I hope.

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