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First Swine Flu Death in Italy

Sadly, someone has finally succumbed to the Swine flu virus in Italy.  However, the person who died, a 51 year old man from Naples, did have a history of medical problems and was not in good health when he caught the H1N1 virus.

Swine flu virus
Swine flu virus

The patient’s general poor state of health exacerbated the effects of the Swine flu virus, and the impression being given by the Italian press is that while the virus did not help, it was one of many factors which led to the death of the person mentioned.

Another Italian remains seriously ill.

Monza Swine Flu case

Meanwhile, in a hospital in Monza in northern Italy, a 24 year old man is still in a critical condition.  It is believed that he contracted the virus while on holiday in Italy.  Previously, cases of H1N1 virus infections came about as a result of travel abroad or contact with those who had recently returned from a trip overseas.

Although the man in Monza is still poorly, he is believed to be clear of the Swine flu virus, although additional tests are being carried out the ensure that this is indeed the case.  Apparently the man concerned is suffering from a combination of respiratory and renal problems.

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Amongst other complications, the 51 year old man who died in Naples suffered from renal problems too.

Swine Flu Cases to Peak Around Christmas

Italy’s Vice Health Minister, Ferruccio Fazio, has stated that the ‘pandemic is not serious‘ and that cases of Swine flu will probably reach a peak between the 18 December 2009 and the 18 January 2010.

Between 1 and 3 million Italians are expected to catch the virus and they will require around 15 days of sick leave to recover from the infection.


Reuters Italia: 4th September 2009- in Italian:  Influenza, morto il 51enne ricoverato a Napoli – Flu, the 51 year old in hospital in Naples dies.

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