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First real post from my PDA

Yep, that's right, I've written, or rather, tapped this entry out on my
horribly geeky personal digital assistant. It's actually proving to be
quite a benefit in unexpected ways. For example, my other half moans
when I despair of the TV and plug myself into the www. Now though, I
can stay on the sofa next to my better half, connect wirelessly to the
Internet and everyone is happy. OK, this may seem to be a rather pricey
way of keeping a relationship on the straight and narrow, but anything
which helps deal with the stresses and strains of city life and
parenthood has to be worth its weight in gold – well almost.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I shall apologise in advance for any spelling errors or otherwise which
may creep into my posts via PDA. I shall blame them on the tiny wee

I do rather like this digital lifestyle, though.

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Above there is a picture of the sausages that participated in the official sausage tasting at the 442


Italy Finally Gets Wi-Fi, Cyber-Crime Levels will Rocket.

Actually, wi-fi has existed in Italy for quite a number of years, only using free public wi-fi services has never been simple, in that an ID document had to be produced before you could hook up to and use a wi-fi service. Unsurprisingly, requiring people to show identity documents made it difficult for free-wi-fi services to take hold. This is all about to change.


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Italia.it isn’t

It was supposed to have been a shop window to Italy, a tourism web portal par excellence, but it has turned out to be a 7 million Euro white elephant. If you try to visit, www.italia.it, you won’t see too much. All I’ve been getting is server timeouts. Brutta figura time. UPDATED July 2009.