Fiat to Become Fysler

One Cheeky Pop Art Fiat 500

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne announced today that Fiat, Italy’s leading car maker, was to change its name to Fysler to reflect its association with American automaker Chrysler.

Marchionne said that he decided the name change was essential to Fiat’s success in the US and world market.

After numerous meetings on the subject during which various new brand names were considered, a special working party composed of Italian and US executives settled upon “Fysler”.

All those who took part in discussions were keen to drop the “Chry” from Chrysler because of its association with unhappiness.

Not Everyone Happy with Fysler

One Cheeky Pop Art Fiat 500
One Cheeky Pop Art Fysler 500

Some Italian members of the brand change work group were reportedly unhappy with the change which meant Fiat losing its ‘Italianness’, while others welcomed the new brand change commenting that it would give both the companies a more international flavour.

Senior Italian auto industry analyst. Giovanni Macchinini heralded the decision taken by Marchionne and his team saying that the fresh sounding new brand name will contribute towards the worldwide success of the Italian/American automaker.

Italian marketing professional Franco Marchio liked the sound of the new name too. He added that it would rejuvenate both brands in the eyes of customers and would increase sales as both Fiat and Chrysler owners rushed to buy cars with the exciting new name.

More information on the Fiat Chrysler name change can be found here: Fiat Name Change

A New Logo

In conjunction with Turin’s Polytechnic, a competition will be held to decide a new logo for Fysler. The contest will be open to Italians and Americans and the prize will be the first newly branded car off the production line – a Fysler 500.

For more information on the competition and the closing date for entries, click here.

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