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That Famous Old Bridge in Florence

Visit Florence and see the magnificent Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio, literally ‘Old Bridge’ in Florence is an amazing sight.  A couple of weekends back I went to Florence to meet up with Italy Chronicles’ intern, Diana Besser for a chat.

While I was in Florence, I took a few photographs of that old bridge in Florence but seeing as the light was a bit flat, I decided it would look better in black and white.

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Here is that photograph, which is but one of many sights in fabulous Florence:

That Old Bridge in Florence

The Famous Old Bridge in Florence, Italy
The Famous Old Bridge in Florence, Italy

I hope you like it.  I think I might add it to Italy’s Chronicles’ Zazzle store as a poster or a postcard, or maybe both.

I do like black and white!

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Fiore at the Ferrara Biennial Art Exhibtion

Gaetano Fiore and Marco Post Morello at the Ferrara Biennial Art Exhibtion

Once again, I’m pleased to be able to report that recognition for the talent of Italian artist friend of mine Gaetano Fiore is increasing. Gaetano also tells me that BlogfromItaly.com has made a contribution to his visibility, as I had hoped. I’m pleased to announce that Fiore’s work is now on display as part of the ‘Dissolvenze Incrociate’ – biennial art exhibition in Ferrara.

Congratuations to Gaetano Fiore are in order, and credit also must go to Virgilio Patarini of Milan’s Zamenhof Gallery for his stirling efforts in helping increase the visibility of skilled but not yet well-known Italian artists and photographers, such as Marco Post Morello.


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