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Falling over

Yep, I fell over yesterday. Tripped up by an uneven pavement. It happens. Only this time I had my 3.5 year old on my shoulders. All 20+ kilos of him. This meant he came crashing to the ground too. I was horrified because I thought he had fallen on his head. Luckily, deep sigh of relief, he had not hurt himself apart from a slight bump on his head and some scratches. He cried purely because he was frightened, not because he had any injury. As a parent you learn to recognise different types of crying and this lets you understand just how serious an incident has been.

That’s it, our little one is now too big to be carried on my shoulders – I have realised that popping a 20 kg weight around your head does nothing for your stability at all and the consequences of falling over are too frightening to consider. Maybe I’ll dig out the pushchair. Don’t want to do that again.

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