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Euro, Lira, Euro, Lira etc

One of those bright politician blokes has suggested that Italy abandon the Euro and return to the old and much loved (I think) Lira. This particular sage cited the example of the UK, which has managed to avoid adopting the Euro so far, but does not seem to be suffering the worse for it. Apart from socially that is – English readers will have heard about the binge drinking which seems to be increasing at an ever faster pace and the new laws which have been introduced to try to curb unruly youths, not to mention the spiraling thefts of Ipods and flash mobile phones etc. Then there is the unprecedented increase in gun crime – which leaves this blogger rather amused seeing as the laws forbidding the legal possession of firearms in the UK have become draconian. I could also perhaps mention the recent moves towards allowing burglars to be shot by householders while they are going about their daily business.

I'm afraid to have to say that all the bad stuff I hear about the UK really is putting me off ever going back there to live, even though I have to say that when I left the UK I really had had my fill and did not want any more.

However, one has to admit that economically the UK is doing well – but at what cost.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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This Italian political bloke would seem to want to take Italy down the same path. Intelligent move, sir – you are not a politician for nothing.

Changing the subject ever so slightly, Mr B the unsung king of Italy recently made a revelation. He announced, displaying incredible insight, I might add, that there is too much bureaucracy in Italy. Way to go Mr B. Better 100 years late than never is what I always say. Is their a Nobel prize for perspicacity?

Back to the Euro. It is true to say that the general perception here is that the introduction of the Euro literally doubled prices overnight. 100000 lire became 100 Euros – and the effect is everywhere, so in part you can understand why someone might like a return to the old currency – although I hardly think that all prices would halve overnight – but it would make it easier for the population to understand by just how much prices seem to have risen. This may not be too good for the other politicians and unsurprisingly many of them have not jumped over themselves in support of the original bloke who wants the lira back.

I suppose we can blame the French for stirring up the mud, (and the Dutch). However, I would like to know a little more about the European constitution. The TV press here has remained quite mum about the whole thing – presumably because Mr B feels that he already has a little too much on his plate and would not like to land himself with further problems. This may become rather difficult now, seeing as the whole of Italy now knows about what the French went and did. At least many Italians will go off and try to understand just what got up the Frenchies' noses. Mr B may well find himself having to deal with the problem a little before he was ready – which may well further weaken his chances of winning the forthcoming elections. Anyway whatever happens election wise will still only be a case of 'exit stage left wolves, enter stage right hyenas.' Much in the vein of modern politics the world over. Mad, mad world as Tears for Fears observed rather a long time ago.

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