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A Photograph Encapsulating the Essence of Italy in 2013

Spring Blossoms in Milan Italy

After an unstable start to Italy’s summer weather-wise, the summer has well and truly appeared. In Italy’s north in 2013, it is hot, but not as overbearingly so as in past years. 2013 is a great year to visit beautiful Bergamo too!

All the spring rain has had an unexpected benefit too – it’s left Italy a blaze of color. The color of Italy in 2013 is purple, or at least that is the color which has most caught this Italy resident’s eye this year.

Yesterday I spent the day in Bergamo, a small city in Italy’s north which is split into two distinct sections: the low and the high town. While the low town is more modern than the hilltop older section, it is still charming in its own right, but the hilltop section of Bergamo, which can be reached by a quaint funicular railway, really is stunning.

Here’s one photo I took yesterday which for me seems to encapsulate Italy in 2013. No, it’s not this post’s featured image, as you will notice.

In this photograph the fabulous colors contrasting with the elegance of Italy’s beautiful architecture make for an enchanting combination:

Italy in 2013
Italy in 2013
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Stop reading, start speaking

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This is just one photograph of one place in Italy. The peninsular is littered with similarly breathtaking beauty, I can tell you.

Seeing the wonders of Bergamo’s upper town, where I stayed for a short while when I first came to Italy many years ago, is probably what sparked my love affair for Italy.

Apart from hilltop Bergamo being utterly stunning, the hilltop section also boasts wonderful views over the pre-alpi, or alpine foothills.

While the locals think of them as hills, compared to what I was used to in the UK, they looked like mountains to me. Well they did until I saw the real Italian Alps which are even more stunning, especially with their majestic snow capped winter peaks.

2013 is a great time to visit Italy, and if you come to the north to spend a few days in Milan, then take the train to Bergamo. You might like it so much, you’ll end up booking yourself into a hotel for a couple of days or so. It really is a gorgeous place. One hundred percent recommended!


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