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Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive and Kicking in Italy


Video makers Journeyman pictures have just launched a short documentary showing the entrepreneurial spirit of a number of young Italians. It’s quite inspiring.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] There’s the Tuscan cowboy with his Sikh cheesemakers, a single mum who’s making luxury shoes, plus a couple of brothers who’ve turned to the land. What’s also interesting about these Italians is there backgrounds. The Tuscan farmer was a banker in London, and the luxury shoemaker is a psychologist. One of the two brothers who’ve become famers was a law student. It is also good to see that one of the Italians mentioned has returned to Italy. Fortunately, he had something to come back for.

Despite red tape riddled Italy’s tendency to virtually stifle the natural entrepreneurial spirit of its population, some, as this documentary will show you, are still resilient enough to make a go of it.

From the video, you’ll learn about a new Italian buffalo milk-based cheese. While buffalo milk is usually associated with Italy’s south, farmers in northern central Italy have been keeping their milk and transforming it into cheese. An example of this is the innovative new buffalo milk gorgonzola that I’ve written about before.

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Here’s the video:

Meet The Italian Entrepreneurs Giving New Life To Italy’s Economy by Journeyman Pictures

I hope you found the video as inspiring as I did. It’s clear illustration that shows how Italy’s young may well be able to point Italy in a better direction. If only Italy’s leaders would realise this. Around 35% of Italy’s 15 to 24 years olds are without work. Little is being done to help them. Maybe that will change after elections in March 2018 but don’t count on it.

Still, you never know, and Italy may, one day, manage to add food to it’s list of top 10 exports. This Italy watcher hopes so.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the new cheese. That’s two new varieties I’ve come across recently. Seeing as there are already over 450 varieties of Italian cheese, you’d think it’d be difficult to come up with more. Italy is a surprising place though.

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