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Electrifyingly Innovative Piaggio

Most people know what a Vespa scooter is, even if not quite as many may be aware that Italian company behind the iconic Vespa is Piaggio. It looks as though Piaggio might be aiming to create another legend, only this time, it may be in the form of a city car, and new electric powered car at that.

Still today, Piaggio’s Vespa’s can be seen buzzing along the streets of Italy.

Nowadays though, the Vespa is no longer a form of utilitarian transport aimed at helping Italians weave their way safely around the potholes which littered post-war Italy’s roads.  Oh no.  Today, in much the same way as the humble Mini and Fiat 500 have been resurrected, and transformed from cars for the people into playthings for the wealthy, today’s Vespa’s are fashion accessories which cost about as much as an Armani suit.

A Modern Vespa
A Modern Vespa

Piaggio’s clever transformation through the years has helped the company grow from its humble beginnings into an international organisation which makes around 600,000 vehicles a year and has operations in 50 countries around the world.

Ever the innovator, Piaggio is once again gazing into a crystal ball, and as with many vehicle makers, this Italian company appears to see the future as being green, environmentally amicable, and electric powered.

Electric City Car by Piaggio?

In a recent chat with journalists, Piaggio chairman Roberto Colaninno hinted that his company might well be working on an electric powered city car.  Colannino also named cities which would benefit from such clean green personal transport.  Cities such as San Paolo in Brazil, Cairo, Beijing, Bombay, as well as London, Paris, and Milan.

Piaggio Has Found Markets

It sounds as though Piaggio has already found markets, so now all it needs to do is to build an innovative product which will be liked by such markets.

Seeing as Piaggio’s foresight led to the legendary Vespa, it does look as though the company has the credentials to come up with what might well be the world’s first mass-produced, mass selling electric powered car.

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Only time will tell whether Piaggio’s move into the realms of green transport will lead to an environmentally friendly product which becomes as iconic as the Vespa.

Piaggio’s Next Legend?

Sounds as though we should be keeping an eye on this Italian company.  I’m 100% certain Piaggio would love to repeat the success of the Vespa and in doing so create another Italian legend.

Time to watch this space!

Piaggio qualifies as a ‘Good Italian Thing’.

Links to More information:

Motori.it 26 January 2010: Piaggio farà un’auto elettrica? – Will Piaggio Make an Electric Car? – in Italian

Wikipedia: The Piaggio company


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