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Eco-Luxury Made in Italy – WeWood Watches

A WeWood Army Watch

Here’s a timely idea for an interesting and original Italian style Christmas gift for people who are concerned about environmental and sustainability issues – a wooden watch.  It just so happens that Italian company WeWood makes a range of elegant and beautiful luxury watches in wood.

Being made of wood means that each WeWood watch is likely to be one of a kind.

Wrists bearing these wooden watches will probably attract quite a bit of interest too.  Just in case you were wondering, the actions of these wooden wonders are made in metal!

WeWood Watches
WeWood Watches

Not only will the recipient of a wooden timepiece end up with an original and attractive gift, she or he will also be contributing towards the planting of another tree.  WeWood, you see, plants a new tree for each watch it sells.  If that is not a great example of sustainable business, I do not know what is.

A WeWood Army Watch
A WeWood Army Watch
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Note that while these wooden timepieces are showerproof, they should not be worn while swimming,

Should the idea of a wooden timepiece appeal, you’ll probably be please to hear that Amazon.com sells WeWood watches.

Here are five WeWood watches which might catch your eye:

1. WeWOOD Date Watch Brown
2. WeWOOD Beige Date Watch
3. WeWOOD Date Beige/Brown Watch
4. WeWOOD Date Black Watch
5. Wewood Unisex Bicolor Brown/Army Date Natural Wood Watch

For an even greater range of WeWood wooden watches, visit the WeWood web site: WeWood.

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