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E-book experience – part 2

I've been reading my e-book today and I have to say that it is not such a bad experience after all. I'd prefer to have a larger screen so I can get more text on it, but this is just a psychological problem of mine – I can't help comparing these e-books with the old paper variety. I find I want new technology to resemble something I'm used to, but only when the technology is attempting to replace some commonly used everyday item, such as a book. The diary program on my pocket pc (A very nice program called Agenda Fusion) both mimics traditional diaries and improves on them, which is just what technology should do, I reckon. Of course, I am rather old, so I do have experience with old technology which interferes with my usage of new tech items. I don't suppose my son will think too much about these things, though.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

As for gadgets to read e-books on, I'd like to see a fold out device, which would be about half the size of a standard paperback book when closed. Such a gizmo would display one complete page of text and would have a slot for a memory card. If it could also do all the things my pocket pc does, then I would be very happy. I'm not too sure I'd want it to be a phone too, because I would worry about losing one gadget which has everything on it. I can just about handle the idea of losing either my pocket pc, or one of my mobiles, but the idea of mislaying one single multi-function object sort of scares me – and these things are not exactly cheap either.

In summary, let me just say that for me, so far so good and I may well be investing in a few more e-books as time goes by.

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