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Whatever You Do, Don’t Ever Buy a Blue Guide to Italy!

The Colosseum

No, don’t buy a Blue Guide to anywhere in Italy – you have been warned. If you do make the enormous mistake of investing in one, or perhaps more, of these gloriously detailed travel guides, you’ll end up returning to Italy for vacations, possibly for the rest of your life.

Even worse, you could end up actually buying a house in Italy!

An admission: I have a Blue Guide to the Marches area of Italy – but I am safe. There is no chance at all of me being beguiled by Italy’s many charms because I live in Italy! In fact, I’ve lived in Italy for such a long time, I suspect my Italy addiction would be nigh on impossible to cure.

Had I come across a Blue Guide before moving to Italy, I suspect I would have moved here even sooner. Boy, it’s just as well I did not!

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Blue Guides are awfully addictive. They are full of fascinating facts, historical background and information on art. There are beautiful photographs of Italy too. Dangerously tempting stuff.

Here are some Blue Guides you should consider avoiding at all costs:

The Blue Guide to Rome – a dangerously detailed travel guide, 640 pages in length – do not click on the picture and buy it! Unless you want to return to Rome, that is.
This Blue Guide is to be avoided. It’s all about the dangerously addictive delights of Florence.Do not click on this link either: Blue Guide Florence (Tenth Edition) (Blue Guides)
Here is another Blue Guide you should ignore. It’s all about the delights of Venice – one of my favorite cities in Italy. Don’t buy it.Resist the temptation to click on the picture or on this link: Blue Guide Venice
This travel guide to northern Italy is a wickedly tempting 800 pages long! Beware!Clicking the link or on the picture is not a good idea: Blue Guide Northern Italy: From the Alps to the Adriatic (Twelfth Edition)

There are lots of other Blue Guides you shouldn’t be buying either. More Blue Guides, to be avoided, are here: Blue Travel Guides

Note that the Blue Guides are not that up to date, so prices may not be accurate. The information on history and culture these guides contain is unlikely to go out of date, though. But you are not going to buy one, now are you? 😉

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