Do you remember Christmas?

A couple of long exposure  shots (20 seconds) taken inside the chique Van Gogh bar near Parco Sempione in Milan around Christmas last year. I’d forgotten about these, but I quite like them.

The red cast is down to the red lighting in the place, but the feel is quite good I think:
Van Gogh Bar Milan
And the other shot:
Van Gogh Bar 2

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9mm Milan

Up to now I thought it was only American home owners who kept guns to repel invaders.
Well, here in Milan more than a few people are packing pistols, as an interesting article in Milan’s freebie newspaper DNews mentioned yesterday.

Milan’s Ecopass Suspended from 2nd to 20th August

This year, as in each year since its introduction at the start of 2008, Milan’s Ecopass pollution charging system is taking a summer break. This means that visitors to Milan can drive into the city and not have to worry about having to purchase a pollution charge ticket between the 2nd and 20th August 2010.


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The Crooked Tower of Pisa?

Yet another unfortunate driver has found my recent post on how to view Pisa traffic violation photos useful, alas.

Having been accused a while back of being part of a scam network a while back, I too have been wondering whether the Pisa limited traffic zone fines are part of a scam. No, surely not, you may retort.

Is Italy is Falling?

There was a blog, written by an Italian under a pseudonym, called ‘Italy is Falling’. This blog is no more. From the title of the blog, ‘Italy is Falling’, one can understand the writers feelings towards contemporary Italy. Others, it seems, might also believe that Italy is falling.


The Uber Troubles of Milan’s Cabbies

Times are tough for Milan’s taxi drivers. In recent years Milan’s taxi service has faced increasing competition from more efficient and much cheaper public transport,