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Diesel’s Worldwide Dirty 30 party.

I’ve written about the Italian fashion group Diesel before.

Well, it’s Diesel’s birthday, and to celebrate, they’ve produced a promotional video.

Before you go view it though, be aware that it really should have an over 18 rating:

Link to Diesel video on YouTube

One of my readers recently wrote to me about it saying that she was rather shocked and disappointed in Diesel for having made such a video.  I suspect she may stop being a Diesel customer.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

I don’t know if the video was made in Italy, but I don’t think it should be aired on prime time TV.

It may not create such a fuss in Italy as many Italians don’t tend to find pornography so shocking, instead they believe that sex is part of human nature and so do not make such a big thing out of porn.  Indeed, porn is regarded as some thing of a naughty joke here in Italy.

However, if this video were to be shown on mainstream US or UK TV, then I think loud and vociferous complaints would be made.

With ever increasing incidences of sexually transmitted diseases in young people, especially in the UK, for example, do you think this was a particularly responsible move on the part of Diesel?  The company’s main target is the young.

I’m not too sure whether this video will do the company any favours.

What do you think?  Pornography or creativity?

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