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Diesel Reactions

I wrote about Italian fashion wear company Diesel’s 30th anniversary promotional video recently, and I’ve been showing the video to a range of people to gauge reactions.

I still want to show it to a few more people, but I thought some might like to know the reactions I’ve had so far.

First, I showed to video to some twenty something, all male, students on a master in marketing, on which I’m running an English course incidentally.  The chaps liked the video and thought it was fun.

One Italian marketing pro I know also believes that the video is highy creative, even if he is unsure that it will function from a marketing viewpoint.

Last night I played the video for a female friend and my other half.  Both of them, Italians, thought the video was vulgar and inappropriate.  What was interesting was that our friend also happens to work in marketing, web marketing, albeit not in the fashion field.  She is a pretty down to earth individual, but aside from the vulgarity of the video, she was of the opinion that it could have a negative effect on the Diesel brand.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Another recent comment on the original post from one Luis, praises the creativity of the video.

Conclusions up to now indicate that male viewers like the video, whereas many women find it distasteful and a  irresponsible.

Next week, on Thursday,  I’m going to show the video to the whole marketing master class, in which there are a number of women.  I’ll report on the overall reaction from the discussion the video should inevitably provoke.

You can see the original post here: Diesel’s Worldwide Dirty 30 party

And here is that Diesel video:SFW XXX

I would be interested to recieve more comments on this.

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