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Di Pietro Nil, Berlusconi Won

One Italian politician has had the guts to stand up and say in no uncertain terms that Berlusconi, who promised to represert the interests of the Italian people, is making passing parliamentary time passing Berlusconi protection laws. Such laws are not really in the interests of Italy’s people, unless, that is, such people happen to have a first name like ‘Silvio’ and possess ‘Berlusconi’ as a surname.

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Yet, despite Di Pietro having pointed out what is to most Italians, excuse the vulgarity, bloody obvious, Italy’s only honest politician is taking an enormous amount of flack from Berlusconi’s cronies.  Mr Di Pietro is being accused of vulgarity, insulting behaviour, and of, shock horror, bringing down the tone of Italian politics.

Voice of reason nil, voices of cronyism won. And Italy keeps bumbling along.

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