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I had a look at Blog from Italy’s world wide rankings according to Alexa’s ranking service today, and I noticed a few interesting things.

First, most of my visitors come from the other side of the Atlantic. This is no great surprise, seeing as the USA is probably the most connected nation on earth. But in a very close second place is Italy. Now that did surprise me, as did my blog’s ranking within Italy: 13707.

I have noticed, and am pleased, that quite a few more Italians have been dropping in and leaving comments recently, but I did not really think they would be that interested in my waffling on about their lovely country. Must have been wrong. Sometimes being wrong is not so bad after all!

The surprises though are not over, though. Quite a few Germans pop in here too, which is great, but again surprises me. I mean I’m sure there are more than a few good German blogs that talk about Italy out on the www.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

However, the biggest surprise for me is that people from the Philippines and Singapore are visiting too. Again, I had no idea that people from these countries would find my blog even remotely interesting, but some must – so a big thanks for visiting to my readers from the Philippines and Singapore.

I have to admit that it is little discoveries like this that make blogging so fascinating for me.

Who ever you are, and where ever you are from, please feel free to drop in whenever you like. And thanks for doing so.

Alex – the chap that writes all this, er, stuff 😉

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