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I wrote about lentils and cotechino here a little while back. Well, the other day we had some, only this time the cotechino was not your usual stuff, but Cotechino Riserva.  And, it has to be said that this cotechino was possibly the best I have ever had.  It was not at all fatty, which was odd, in a nice way, because cotechino often is, and the flavour was wonderful, maybe because some red wine had been added.

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The producer of this ‘riserva’ quality cotechino was a company known as Villani Spa, only I cannot find their cotechino on the Web, at least not under the name Villani.  Apparently Villani took over another similar company called Maletti (a site complete with Italian music, I discovered after nearly blasting my other half and son out of bed…), and Maletti produces ‘ceste’ – hampers, which include Maletti cotechino.  I assume that Maletti cotechino is not much more than a re Villani cotechino, so it should be good – really good if it has the words ‘riserva’ written upon the box somewhere.

If you have never tried cotechino before, try it.  If you did not like it too much, then, try some of the better quality producers – I think you really do get what you pay for.

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