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Convict Berlusconi Goes Fishing

Today, convict Silvio Berlusconi had lunch with Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Guess what was most likely on the menu? No, not fish, although it could have been, but Berlusconi’s return to politics.

The law which is keeping Mr Berlusconi out of politics has recently been challenged, successfully, by the Mayor of Naples who temporarily lost his job after being found guilty of abuse of office. Luigi de Magistris, the Mayor of Naples, managed to have his ban from holding the position of mayor overturned. This has encouraged Silvio Berlusconi to attempt to do the same. He’d like the law which keeps him out of politics amended, though for now, Matteo Renzi’s party says this will not happen.

Coincidentally, Mr Berlusconi fixes a lunch appointment with Mr Matteo Renzi. Now, Mr Renzi needs the assistance of Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party to push though his reforms and Mr Berlusconi wants to be back in politics. Can you guess what may well happen next? Yes, Mr Berlusconi will be allowed back into politics in return for his support of Mr Renzi’s reforms.

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An amendment to the law which is keeping Mr Berlusconi out of Italian politics may well be on the cards.

Then again, Mr Renzi may decide to keep Mr Berlusconi hanging on until the Italy reforms are safely on Italy’s law books before passing a nice little amendment to allow Mr Berlusconi to fulfil his political ambitions.

What will happen next? Either Mr Berlusconi will get what he wants or Mr Renzi will face little opposition from the Berlusconi mob to his Italy reforms. Watch this space.

To be honest, Mr Berlusconi is still pulling political strings from the sidelines, ban from politics or not.

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