Italy Chronicles is looking for contributors from around Italy and beyond to expand the content of this website and transform it into the most comprehensive English language news/magazine website on Italy in the world.

This is a challenging objective, but Alex Roe, Italy Chronicles publisher and chief dogsbody, believes it is achievable and that there is a need for something like this.

Italy has no comprehensive English language news publications.  Trying to find English language news in one place is not at all easy and when it is found, articles are often very brief and lacking in any detail. Regional news in English is virtually non existent, yet there are expats all over Italy.

Italy Chronicles wants to fill this gap.

Italy Chronicles is looking for least one contributor for each of Italy’s 20 regions.  At present, along with Alex Roe, four others make regular contributions to this site.

With more writers, Italy Chronicles will be able to provide a comprehensive English language news and information service, at national and regional level, for non-Italian speakers in Italy and abroad.

Italy Chronicles’ audience consists of expats, as well as readers from all over the world.

Make a Little Money

While the positions as contributors will be unpaid for the moment, there is an opportunity to make some money via advertorials.  With more content, Italy Chronicles can run one advertorial for each five articles.

Advertorials can earn money in two ways:

1. A company pays to publish its content on this site

2. A company pays someone (you) to write an article and publish it on Italy Chronicles.

Italy Chronicles’ contributors will receive commission on sales of all advertorials, but they will make more money if they actually write the articles for advertisers.

New content shows up in search engine results before old content which means that to generate maximum visibility advertisers should run something every month or two.  This creates an opportunity for repeat business and even if the advertiser approaches Italy Chronicles directly, the person who made the introduction in the first place will receive commission.

Basically, the more we all write, the more income we can generate.

Generate Visibility

There is another benefit for contributors too: Visibility.

Each contributor will be given a bio which will appear beneath their articles.  Each bio can have up to two links to whatever the contributor wants – their own website, bed and breakfast or villa rental business, LinkedIn page, book, art, photography, courses, etc, etc.

In addition, each contributor can write one article introducing themselves and one other article each year as  a form of self-promotion – and place links in these articles to locations where more information can be found.

Over time, if you write regularly, these links and articles will help generate business in ways you might never have expected.

Social media will be used to spread the world about your articles and will help create a readership.

What Can I Write About?

Everything and anything about Italy!

There is a lot, so here is a list of topic suggestions to help you:

Suggestions for other subjects are more than welcome.  All articles must contain at least one link to reference sources – either in Italian or English.

Ideally, contributors should be able to understand written Italian and should be based in Italy, however if you know Italian but no longer live in Italy, you are more than welcome to apply.

To write about Italian American/Canadian and Australian topics, you do not need to be in Italy.

If you are interested in becoming an Italy Chronicles contributor, send an email, with samples of your writing or links to sampes, to: contact @ italy chronicles dot com (without the spaces and .com) or use the Italy Chronicles contact system.

Alex Roe, Italy Chronicles publisher, looks forward to hearing from you.