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I was listening to my faithful mp3 player the other day when the track 'Ride like the wind' came on. It's a track which is quite heavy rock, but melodic at the same time. While I was listening I thought 'It's a long time since I have heard a nice bit of hard driving rock', so, while I was in the centre of Milan looking for a grammar book, I decided to pop down to the music section and look for 'Ride like the wind', which for some reason I was convinced was by Steppenwolf. Anyway, although I managed to find a couple of Steppenwolf albums, I could not find said track. Indeed, I never would have done because I could not remember the name of the track and, I later discovered, it was done by Saxon, not Steppenwolf. At least I got the first letter right.

In the process of hunting for the wrong group, I noticed a new album by Lemmy, who is, if you do not know, the big, not particularly friendly looking guy from Motorhead and Hawkwind – if anyone remembers them. To cut this waffle short, I listened to most of the tracks on this compilation and thought 'this is just what I've been after', so I bought it. The album is entitled 'Damage Case'.

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I have converted the whole album to mp3 tracks this evening and now they are languishing upon my mp3 player waiting to give my ears a full frontal rock assault. I can't wait to plug in. A little rousing rock music can be great when you are in the mood.

My musical tastes are a little diverse, I know. I like anything which sounds good, but am a sucker for a well played electric guitar, although I also think Mozart, Handel, Bach, Vivaldi and Greig are well worth listening to as well, amongst many others. I often find myself playing music which matches my mood, but I have not been in the mood for rock for a long time.

Maybe I should blame a guitar toting student of mine for having resurrected my long time love of this genre of music. Funny how students can have an effect on their teachers sometimes.

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