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Confusing schools

The state school system here seems to operate in an odd way.  For example the date when pupils return to school after the summer break is only announced in late August, so, apparently no-one knows when they will go back to school when the summer term ends.  That’s not all, schools seem to have different start dates all over the county with some starting up in early September and others not kicking off again until early October.  I’m not sure what the reason for this strange situation is but it always seems to have been the same.

Our wee one will enter nursery school for the fist time on the 19th of September, about a week after the school opens – being his first year he has to be introduced/induced and so starts later than the ‘veterans’.  There is a one day session in which parent and pupil stay together to help their little one get used to his or her new surroundings.  We also have a meeting on the 13th of this month at which we will be informed as to what things we will need to buy for him.  Parents provide just about everything here in terms of school books and other stuff.  About the only thing they do not pay for is the actual schooling, which of course is funded from taxes.  The more tax you pay, the more your little one costs to educate and vice versa.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

At least the state system seems to be quite effective here and there do not seem to be anywhere near as many private schools as there are in the UK, for example.   I do not even know the names of the equivalents of Eton or Harrow here, if indeed equivalents exist.  There is an equivalent to Oxford/Cambridge universities in the form of Bologna, however seeing as very few students actually attend university away from their home towns the situation is not really comparable.  I guess if you grow up in Bologna, pass your exams and stuff you automatically get to go to one of the best unis in the country, which cannot be said of youngsters growing up in Oxford or Cambridge.

Bullying and fighting seem to be rarities here too and Italian kids appear to have a more balanced attitude to schooling as far as I can tell.  Not many, reported, teenage pregancies here either, even though teenagers and younger kids are well aware of sex.

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