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Clowns in Cool Britannia

I don’t know.  I think politicians should be people we look up to.  People who set an example to us all, not crooked rip off merchants.

A UK Clown
Cool Britannia?

Now, it may come as some surprise to hear that I’m not on about the latest corruption scandal flooding the pages of the Italian newspapers.  No, instead I’m on about the dishonest actions of members of parliament in Great Britain who have been exploiting rather flexible expenses regulations to the absolute maximum, and them some.

These erstwhile representatives of the people have been literally, and excuse the vulgarity, taking the piss.  The Telegraph newspaper has been revealing all via a series of articles which have caused one almighty uproar in soggy Britain.

It turns out that Britain’s political leaders have been making exaggerated expense claims for just about anything and everything, including toilet seats, would you believe.  One impoverished English MP apparently claimed around 2000 pounds sterling for cleaning the bloody moat around his country house!  Sounds like the stuff of farce.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Unless you have recently returned from a round the galaxy space ship trip, you may have heard that the world is supposed to be facing some kind of economic crisis.

‘We’ve all got to tighten our belts’, are comments gloriously two faced MPs have been lambasting everyone with.  Before popping home to make sure that the tax payer sponsored moat cleaning is all going to plan.

Gordon Bennett, or should that be ‘Gordon Brown’!

Read more, lots more, here:  MPs’ expenses: The Telegraph’s investigation.

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