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Climate change – Have we gone too far?

This is one odd winter. It is not really cold in Milan, nor was it last year. Not too long ago Milan got regular snow falls in winter. Not now. It was the same in the UK too around Christmas and we were in northern Britain at that. Remarkably mild for the time of year. Last summer it was incredibly hot during summer in the UK. My mum moaned about not being able to stand the 35°C heat.

Temperatures seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. The North Pole is melting away. Italian bears have been annoying skiers because they don’t want to hibernate.

I hope this is no more than a climatic cycle, but there many other elements which would seem to indicate it is not. More cars on the roads than ever before, massive increases in production and thus pollution in what were developing countries, more planes in the air and a thirst for electrical power that is becoming unquenchable. Not to mention all our past escapades (industrial revolution, second world war production levels) which probably started everything rolling before we really knew what the consequences would be. It’s not looking too good is it?

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I can’t help feeling that we are not really being told everything about the rate of climate change. Maybe it is too late, or possibly we will be able to live with all the warmer weather. But how warm will it be for our childrens’ children?

I wrote a short story about this not too long ago. Let’s hope that it remains fictional.

Sorry to sow doom seeds, but I was just thinking about this this evening.

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