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Cesenatico First Impressions

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I’ve been in Cesenatico here on Italy’s Adriatic coast for almost a day and like it a lot. Cesenatico is a seaside area of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy which stretches for a good few miles along the coast.

The area around Cesenatico is geared up for tourists and has plenty to offer both young and old. It’s an especially good area for families with young children. Provided you don’t mind organised beaches, there are plenty of facilities for young children here.

For those who like good food and wine, Cesenatico has lots to offer. Restaurants abound, as do bars, and, I’m told, a few clubs too.

My impression so far is that this is a very well organised holiday area of Italy. The streets are clean and well presented.

At the time of writing, it’s late May, so the season has not really kicked off just yet, even if the hotel seems to have been occupied by around 100 Germans, who, I’ve been told tend to head this way in May and September.

Cesenatico Canal by night
Cesenatico Canal by night
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Italians have, so far this year, stayed away – mainly because of the unsettled weather. If it isn’t sunny, Italy’s won’t go away for a weekend. For Britons, Germans and other nationalities, while great weather is always welcome, if the weather is not too wonderful, it’s not a huge problem.

The hotel I’ve been allocated for my stay here as part of the Cesenatico Bella Vita bloggers tour, the San Pietro, is a good 25 minute walk from Cesenatico’s centre, but is very easy to reach by car and would be no more than a five minute drive. The San Pietro hotel is comfortable, and its staff – all new this year – are very friendly. The beach is across the road, but for those who can’t be bothered to walk, there’s a nice pool area here at the hotel.

A Hotel in Cesenatico
A Hotel in Cesenatico

If you don’t want to spend your holiday lounging around on the beach, or by the pool, and just want to take a look around the local area, many hotels here, including the San Pietro, have bicycles.

The Cesenatico area does seem to be something of a cyclists paradise, indeed, right across the road from the hotel is a memorial to local cycling legend Marco Pantani. However, it’s not just super road racing cyclists who find the area attractive, families and just about everyone else take to two wheels round here. Actually, if you find yourself in a hotel which is rather a long way from Cesenatico’s centre, a bike is an ideal way to save the hassle of trying to find a parking space –  good exercise too! Bikes can also be very handy for those who come here by train.

Right, time to get on my bike and go take a closer look at Central Cesenatico with its Leonardo da Vinci designed port canal.

My first impressions of the Cesenatico area are very positive, I have to say. I guess it gets much busier at the height of summer though!

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