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Carnival of Colour

Now, I’ve never made it to Venice during its annual carnival, but this week’s Images of Italy photo sure does make me want to go, and to take my camera with me!

Sorry that this post did not come out on Saturday, but I felt lousy at the weekend owing to some flu-like bug which has laid me a little low.  Still, better late than never, and seeing a bright, colourful image such as this one, helps me shake off those flu blues.  Might shake of those post-weekend Monday blues too!

Dating back to 1268, the Carnival of Venice transforms one of Italy’s most photogenic cities into a real feast for the eyes.

For photographers, carnival time in Venice is a not to be missed photographic event.  To the photo!

Afraid to see my true being by Radu Anastase

Afraid to See my True Being by Radu Anastase
Afraid to See my True Being by Radu Anastase

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Yes, these masks do give the impression that the wearers have something to hide, and add to the Carnival of Venice’s somewhat mysterious air.  This is something which Romanian photographer Radu Anastase has managed to capture well.

With thanks to Radu Anastase for this image, and if you would like to see more of his work, then check it out over on Flickr: Radu Anastase on Flickr

For those of you who might like to actually go to Venice while the carnival is on, then head on over to Carnival of Venice.com for more information (some sections seem to be down at the time of writing).  There is also a nice article on the carnival over at Why Go Italy: Venice Carnevale

Just in case you find that all the hotels in Venice are booked up during carnival fortnight – 6 February to 16 February 2010 – then think about booking accommodation in Padua (‘Padova’ in Italian).  Padua is only a short train ride from Venice, and it a nice place to stay in its own right – I know, I stayed there on one of my Venice jaunts.

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