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Boy, is it hot here in sunny Milan.

The pavements are literally squirming underfoot.  It is, I imagine, a bit like walking along the back of a huge snake, and it almost feels as though the sidewalks are alive.  Weird.

In fact, it is just the heat of the sun which turns the asphalt to syrup, making the pavements become soft and squidgy.  That’s how hot it is here. 

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In summer it is quite common to see motorbikes lying on their sides, as a result of their side-stands sinking into the pavements.  And the pavements are pock marked with little holes made by stiletto heels.

It is all in stark contrast to the ‘summer’ back over in the UK.  My father wrote me an email saying that it has been rainy and cold for the last couple of months.  Fairly typical unpredictable ‘summer’ weather.  Glad that I’m not heading back there for August.

Yes, the heat is tiring, but I would not have it any other way.  I like summers! Real summers. that is.

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