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Technology and Gadgets

VOIP Stunt

A student told me about this VOIP system which allows you to make calls from your PC to real phones. It's dirt cheap at 10

Confusion rocks

I was listening to my faithful mp3 player the other day when the track 'Ride like the wind' came on. It's a track which is

Hi Tech buses?!

Yes, that's right, the humble buses here in Milan are becoming packed with technology. Some examples: there are the little cameras that the driver uses

E-book experience

Eee by gum, as they have been known to utter in deepest darkest Yorkshire, I've been exploring the infinite expanse that is the e-book market

Open your mind to Open Source

Even though this old world may at times seem to be without hope, there are certain things which make you think that there may well

First real post from my PDA

Yep, that's right, I've written, or rather, tapped this entry out on my horribly geeky personal digital assistant. It's actually proving to be quite a