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Digital photography

A mournful lion

You will find this rather sad looking marble lion sitting outside Genova’s cathedral.

I want one of these.

What is it? Well, it’s a Metz 58 AF-1 and it’s a flash unit, in every sense, and a powerful one too. And it should

Bad photo day

I spent part of Saturday afternoon looking around for things to photograph, but despite having snapped a few potentially interesting things, I don’t really like

A photo

I took this the same day as I got told not to take photos of a door: It’s part of a sculpture located near the


Unusual title, I know.  Did you know that 5500k refers to the Kelvin colour temperature which matches, more or less, day light?  Maybe not, unless

Which version do you prefer?

This: Or this: Photographed at a Qi Gong display, although this guy, who runs these events was doing a bit of Tai Chi at the