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Last night, I met up with Donato Alberico,  whose Centro Sportivo Meridionale sports centre cum business school I wrote about in my The Innovative Mr Alberico and his Sports Centre post.

He told me that the post had generated quite a bit of local buzz, and that many of those who had seen the post had been spreading the word to relatives resident in the UK and Germany.

This was good to hear, and I do hope, in some way, it leads to some more positive recognition for Mr Alberico and his teams’ sterling efforts.

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Indeed these efforts appear to be bearing fruit in that the Centro Sportivo Meridionale is attracting many local professionals, often doctors, who wish to use the centre to host continuing professional development courses. This is great news and will help to grow the facility.

Mr Alberico also showed me a few photos of last years sports summer camp for children, and aside from the numbers, what struck me was the beauty of the location which is immersed in greenery.

Oh and Mr Alberico asked me if I’d hold English language courses for the centre! Well, it’s quite a way from Milan, but I am quite tempted!

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