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The Black and White and Color Bar

Guitarist and Dog

I was out and about at Café Bistrot, an arty bar a stone’s throw from my home in Milan, last night.  Aside from being a friendly place, this bar is also rather photogenic and live music can often be heard there.  Owner Carlotta is a down to earth lass and her presence undoubtedly adds to the relaxed atmosphere of this Milan venue.

Here are a few of photos of Carlotta’s joint in which a group of local musicians whiled away an evening jamming, while I photographed them strumming their stuff.  They were very good too.

Café Bistro in Milan
Café Bistro in Milan

Here’s one of the guitarists with Carlotta’s dog:

Guitarist and Dog
Guitarist and Dog

The second photo has been blessed, or, depending on your point of view, blighted, by noise – the bane of the digital photographer – except this photo was shot in low light with an ISO of 2,500 and I quite like the effect.

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Here’s another guitarist:

A Guitar
A Guitar

Betty Boop can be found here too:

Betty boop in a bar in Milan
Betty boop in a bar in Milan

It’s pretty good having cool places virtually on your doorstep.

All photos by Alex Roe aka me.

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