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Live in the UK? Then try Beviamo For Speciality Italian Food

New for the New Year, a series of features on where to buy Italian food and drink online overseas.  To kick things off, here’s Beviamo, a UK based company which specializes in exclusive, luxury Italian food and drink.

Beviamo offers UK based Italian food fans an extensive range of Italian foodstuffs – items which are hard to find in local shops. In fact, Beviamo’s mission is to discover interesting high quality Italian food and drink.

Best selling Italian products from Beviamo include:

You’ll also find gourmet Italian coffee from Hausbrandt, a coffee roaster based in the Veneto region of Italy, award winning Colline Pontine Organic Extra Virgin Olive, sauces, confectionery, sweets, plus Italian wines, spirits, such as chocolate and walnut liqueurs and Italian beers too.


New products are being added all the time.

Choice Galore

There’s plenty of choice and lots of inspiration too. You may not be familiar with many of the brands Beviamo sells, but that comes as no surprise to this Italy watcher – some of Italy’s finest products are made by companies which are largely unknown outside Italy.

White Onion Apple Hot Pepper Conserve
Try White Onion Apple Hot Pepper Conserve from Abruzzo

Full Selection of Regional Italian Foods

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

If you are trying to track down something you perhaps tried while on holiday in Italy, then start at Beviamo’s shop by region section where you can find tasty treats like White Onion Apple and Hot Pepper Conserve which goes very well with full flavoured cheeses.

Attractive Pricing and Speedy Delivery

You might find that prices are lower than you expect too. Delivery costs around £8 for orders of up to 30kg and it will take around 3 days for orders to reach you.

Wholesale Orders Accepted

If you run a restaurant or food shop, then Beviamo offers a wholesale service too.





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