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Berlusconi’s Nuclear Power Trip

Worryingly, Berlusconi is rattling on about introducing nuclear power into sunny Italy.

Italy’s prime minister also mentioned renewable energy sources too, but the priority appears to be to nuke Italy.

Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant

Not a great idea.  Why?

As many will know, Italy’s track record in the management of normal waste is not fabulous.  Indeed, the countryside around Naples is littered with toxic waste which has been ‘disposed’ of by mafia gangs.  Food scares have occurred as the toxicity has found its way into the food chain.  This is not to mention the piles of trash which filled Naples’ streets until very recently.

The Naples situation poses this pertinent question: Is Italy competent enough to manage something as dangerous as nuclear waste? The answer, based on the country’s record is a big ‘No‘.

However the really annoying thing about this proposal is that Italy has renewable energy resources in abundance.  Solar, wind and geothermal energy sources to say the least.

Italy has two volcanoes which could be harnessed for geothermal power production with some thought, and probably at a much lower cost than wasting tax payers’ money on nuclear power plants which, when all is said and done, are security and environmental liabilities.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Hello Mr Berlusconi?  Do you realise how sunny the Living Museum is?  Pop photovoltaic cells on every roof and batteries in basements and I bet you could generate enough electricity to power many apartments.  And this is just one possibility, and even if it is messed up royally, the consequences to the environment will be minimal.

Mess up on the nuclear front and Italy will become a no-go zone.  Actually, the very thought of Italy being responsible for nuclear power plants is, to put it mildly, terrifying.

And I know that nuclear power generation has come along way in recent years, but it still produces hard to dispose of and extremely dangerous waste.

Come on Mr B, you know what Italy is like.  And it made you rich.  See sense and pump resources into renewable energy.  Let Italy become a world leader in this area.  Italy and its wonderful environment deserve this surely.

Spread the word: Stop nuclear power in Italy. Before it is too late.  Allowing Italy to play with nuclear power will be like lighting the fuse to a huge Chernobyl type time bomb.  More evidence to support the danger of letting Italy exploit nuclear power is contained in this newer post on the state of Italy’s former nuclear power industry: Worrying Report.

But, Mr Berlusconi, if you do insist on going down this path, then as a measure of good faith, we do hope you will be moving into a nice new house just across the road from one of your nice new nuclear power plants.

After all, we know that you place a lot of trust in Italian institutions, which is why you had your pacemaker installed, in, now where was it, New York?

PS Per una volta, faccio un eccezione, accetero commenti su questo post in Italiano.

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