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Berlusconi’s Bid to Save Italy – Print More Money!

Ex-Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, renown the world over for his bunga bunga, sorry, burlesque parties, came up with a mad idea today to save Italy from impending Euro doom – print more money.

Berlusconi himself has admitted that his idea is crazy.

It is not known whether Berlusconi wants to place his image on the money.

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I’ll take a million or so.  You?

Oh, and Super Silvio, the man behind the world’s most dangerous economy, according to an old Time cover story, has reiterated that he does not want to stand for election as either Prime Minister or President of Italy.  No.  Instead, Italy’s tanned elderly party animal media mogul has offered his services as a “trainer” for his PdL, political, party, which seems to be disappearing slowly but surely down the plughole.

Whether Berlusconi’s kind offer to train new blood will be taken up remains to be seen.  Maybe he should seriously consider retiring.  The chance would be a fine thing.

UPDATE: Silvio Berlusconi has now stated that his print more money suggestion was no more than a joke.  It is very difficult to take Berlusconi seriously these days as he often says something odd and then later retracts it using the excuse that he was joking.

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