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Berlusconi Versus Justice

Italy’s beleaguered ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is not a happy man. His legal troubles are mounting up, as are his attacks on Italy’s justice system which he claims, is attempting to take him out of Italy’s political arena for good.

Adding to the tanned one’s troubles are charges of corruption which may well lead to his arrest. This is something Berlusconi will fight will all his might.

If an arrest warrant is issued, as seems likely in view of hard to dispute evidence that he bought a senator, Italy’s parliament will have to vote on whether or not the tanned ex-premier can actually be taken away by police and popped in a prison cell to await trial. Italy should have something approaching a working parliament before the end of next week.

Berlusconi will not have been at all happy to hear that his political rivals, in Italy’s “commie” PD party, say they will vote in favor of his arrest if they are presented with enough information to justify handcuffing Silvio.

Seeing as Berlusconi is kicking up an awful fuss, as well as hiding himself in a friendly hospital, he does appear to fear the long arm of Italian law. Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement will also vote for Berlusconi’s arrest and will do so more than happily.

Yesterday, a deputation from Berlusconi’s PdL party met Italy’s President Napolitano to plead for clemency on behalf of their, almost, totally innocent leader.

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Depending on which Italian paper you read, President Napolitano either told off the PdL for protesting outside the Milan court where Berlusconi is on trial, or told Italy’s judiciary to let Berlusconi play the political game without further hindering him. President Napolitano did also say that he would not interfere in the workings of Italy’s justice. The President of Italy stated that he thought it unlikely there was a plot within Italy’s justice system take down Berlusconi. Mr B, on the other hand, is absolutely convinced commie magistrates are out to get him.

One paper, Il Fatto Quotidiano, claimed Berlusconi was scaring President Napolitano into submission, and another, the Berlusconi family daily newsletter, which goes by the name of il Giornale, said that Italy’s president had effectively told “killer” magistrates to stop pestering Berlusconi. Yet another paper reported that Napolitano had told the PdL mob off for behaving badly.

Expect lots of politically motivated legitimate impediments to be fielded by Berlusconi’s lawyers in an attempt to keep their client out of court.

The sorry saga of Silvio Berlusconi trundles on. How it will end, no one knows, even if one fine day, Berlusconi might do a Craxi and go hide in a country with no deportation agreement with Italy.

Italy’s political surreality show plods on.


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