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Berlusconi Is Making Too Many TV Appearances to Appear in Court

Silvio Berlusconi will do just about anything to keep himself out of court. His latest excuse for not being able to turn up to face the legal music in the Mediaset TV rights fraud trial is that he has too many TV appearances to make.

Apparently appearing on TV several times daily to promote the re-election of his PdL party constitutes a “legitimate impediment” in the eyes of Berlusconi’s lawyers. Such a “legitimate impediment” means that it is unjust to expect Berlusconi to lower himself to appearing in court.

Berlusconi denies any wrongdoing and has been claiming the Mediaset case has been fabricated by communist judges intent on persecuting him out of politics.

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If the TV appearances excuse is swallowed by the judges hearing the Mediaset fraud case, floods of criminals throughout Italy will probably form political parties and use election campaigning to escape trial. Some in Italy might contend that scores of criminals have already formed lots political parties for this very purpose.

What will Berlusconi’s next “legitimate impediment” excuse be? That he has to take Puggy the dog to the vets?!

Suggestions for other creative legitimate impediments which Berlusconi’s lawyers could use are more than welcome! Go on, use your imagination.

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