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Berlusconi the Wizard

The Italian daily, Il Corriere della Sera, ran a lovely little cartoon on its front page yesterday.

But I can’t publish it, because it was in the published edition, so a little description will have to suffice.

Picture 1

Berlusconi, dressed as a wizard, approaches a pile of rubbish.

Picture 2

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Berlusconi the wizard waves his magic wand over the pile of rubbish.

Picture 3

Whoof! Berlusconi smiles as the pile of rubbish disappears before his very eyes. Only behind the great wizard appears the very same pile of rubbish, which has doubled in size!

If I manage to hunt this cartoon down on the www, I’ll put it here. It certainly caught my little eye.

Actually in real life, said wizard has begun his rubbish elimination illusion down in crazy Naples. Don’t know who his footing his €4000 an night hotel bill though. Not to mention the cost of the serious security measures that have been implemented to protect the magically tanned one from evil spells and the like.

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