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Berlusconi Party Blocks Anti-Corruption Legislation

Italy’s Mario Monti led government is working on the creation of laws to reduce Italy’s frightening levels of corruption, only progress is being hindered by Berlusconi’s PdL party members.

Corruption is a major problem in Italy and something urgently needs to be done to reduce it.

Berlusconi’s PdL party politicians know Italy is in very rough seas but they do not seem to want to do too much to calm those seas.  By using delaying tactics to slow down the passing of anti-corruption laws, one can conclude that they do not want such laws to be created.

Why would they not want such laws?  The opposition of the PdL to anti-corruption laws  strongly suggests that the party is corrupt.  Not that Italians would be at all surprised to hear that this is the case.

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Corruption is part of the reason for Italy’s current economic mess and huge public debt level.

Opposing anti-corruption laws is irresponsible.  Anyone who opposes such laws should not be allowed anywhere near Italy’s parliament, let alone be able to sit in it.

Opposition parties could make mincemeat of their PdL opponents, although very few have tried.  Why?  Because corruption is good.

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